We offer various detailing packages to fit your needs!
(Prices may vary due to excessive pet hair, trash or mud, etc.)

Exterior Only

Cars $125 Trucks/SUVs $200

We wash and wax, polishing of all the painted surfaces on your car, truck or SUV. We then buff the surface and apply a polish that clears the painted surfaces. Finally, we hand wax the vehicle to restore the original shine.

Interior Only

Cars $125 Trucks/SUVs $200

Our staff will shampoo the fabric inside the vehicle including floor mats and fabric seats. We remove trash and wipe all other parts of the interior including the door panels, screens, dashboard, cup holders etc. For leather interiors, use a special leather cleaner that protects the quality of the leather.

Leather and Fabric Protection

Cars $45 Trucks/SUVs $45

We apply a leather conditioner to prevent cracking or fading. For fabric, we use a treatment to fabric that will repel liquids from spills and prevent stains in the future.

Hand Wash and Wax

Cars $125 Trucks/SUVs $175

We will hand wash all vehicle surfaces with a soft cloth. removing bugs, tar and other debris. We completely clean the wheels, wheel wells, and tires. The interior and exterior glass surfaces are cleaned and we will vacuum floors and seats. Wax is then applied to the painted surfaces of your vehicle.

Paint Sealant

(We do not offer ceramic coatings at this time)
Cars, Trucks/SUVs $175

To protect your car’s paint, we will apply a sealant that will withstand rock chips and scratches.

Aquapel Glass Protection

Starting at $30

Long lasting weather repellant makes it easier to clear rain, snow and ice from your windshield. It also reduces glare from headlights at night.

Leak Prevention

Cars $45 Trucks/SUVs $45

We will clear debris away from your doors, trunk, hood jam, and sunroof drains, plus, check your cabin air filter. This service helps prevent leaks and future mold and interior odors.

Paint Correction

Cars, Trucks/SUVs- Prices Vary

We’ll remove scratches, swirls, spider webs, holograms, and any other imperfections in your paint. We use specialty polishes to correct these issues.

Headlight Restoration

$175 (Extra fees may apply due to removal process)

UV damage causes headlights to become hazy over time. We will sand, buff and polish your headlights to clear them up like new!

Paintless Dent Repair

Price varies by severity

We can remove minor dents and dings with our paintless dent removal process that can save you time and money compared to traditional paint repair.

Wheel Repair

Starting at $195

We can repair wheel damage from hitting curbs or potholes.

Leather and Burn Hole Repair

Starting at $75

We will repair and patch holes in your leather or fabric interior.

Windshield Replacement

Price varies

Our trained professionals will replace your windshield using quality materials.

Road Paint Removal

Starting at $250

If your vehicle has had an unfortunate run-in with highway road paint, we will remove it from the exterior of your vehicle.

Tree Sap Removal

Prices Vary

Removing that sticky tree sap is no problem for us! Come in for an estimate.

Concrete and Lime Removal

Price varies

We can remove concrete splatter and lime deposits from frequent time in parking garages. We remove the stains without damaging the original paint.

Ozone Treatment


We use an ozone generator to help eliminate germs, fungi, and viruses, including COVID-19.

Window Tinting

Cars $250-$350
Small SUVs/Extended Cab Trucks- $285-$385
Large SUVs/Crew Cab Trucks- $330-$430

We use quality film to tint your windows. Our lifetime warranty covers cracking, bubbling or fading. Call us for more details!


$80 for Vinyl. Call for an estimate for painted pinstripes

Our expert painters can add pinstripes and custom detail to your vehicle.